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I'd give my body...to be alone with you

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Danvers kind of sucks. I'm jobless and spending money like it grows on trees. I'm far away from my RI friends, but I'm with my D-town friends, which is wonderful.
I was driving around Monday night with Rachael and Mic just chilling and Mic put it perfectly when she said "I missed...this." Exactly.
But I did NOT miss my parents nagging at me about EVERYTHING! Damn I hate that. I spend eight months on my own, coming in whenever I want and now I'm back to constant reminders and nagging. Gah. I'll get used to it.
I miss everyone at URI! I miss Danny, Jon, Heather, Christine, Pavs, Nate Beane, Tom, pretty much EVERY SINGLE PERSON...well, other than Kayleigh; she's a cunt.
I have a job interview tomorrow, and I've been applying to places like WHOA for the past couple of days. Hopefully someone will bite my employment bait.
I'm all set for my summer class at Salem State. Today Mic and I went to the SSC bookstore where Mic tried to sell back her books and I picked up my precalc textbook (used for $100! My bank account is weeping). I also purchased my parking sticker for the summer course which was, get this URI kiddos, FIVE DOLLARS! Shit man, that's what I call a bargain!
I've been in a shitty mood since I've been home. I missed everyone here, but I wasn't ready to leave RI just yet. Oh well.
Fortunately for me, grades were posted, and that cheered me up in immense amounts.
Here are my spring semester grades, bitches:
HIS 333 20th cent rus hist- B
HPR 323 crazy honors bio- A
NUR 150 human sexuality- A
PSY 254 abnormal psych- A
SOC 204 social psych- A-

Now I'm just ducky (Mic, please note the reference).
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On May 18th, 2006 08:30 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Audrey! I agree with you completely (about us needing to be better friends)! What's your email address? I'll totally write you novels if you let me. We should also hang out some time soon. Maybe I could round up Nate and Heather for a double-date? I have a car and I like to drive with it. : )
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On May 18th, 2006 08:31 am (UTC), dinosaur_act replied:
Oh, this was me by the way.. I'm kind of dumb. : )
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